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Trans Artist Epiphany Mattel's New Single: #FIXYOFACE
19 October 2017.

Epiphany Mattel's new single #FIXYOFACE takes aim at pretty people who make themselves ugly by refusing to wear the most important accessory, a smile. Epiphany explains, "It's about everyone going above and beyond with their appearance to stand out  and be noticed at clubs today, but then they bring their scowl, a resting bitch face, that makes them unapproachable," explains Mattel. "They're so insecure with themselves, they push that negative energy on the rest of the party and make everyone else uncomfortable. It's a party bitches . . . lighten the hell up."  

Epiphany Mattel is raw, unapologetic, and provocative. She stirs pots and fixes plates by speaking her truth and not caring if people receive it or not, as long as they hear her. "It's important to me that people know my name, respect my mind and acknowledge my existence," she says. "Who's gonna believe I'm a star if I don't believe it myself? I am a bad-bitch force to be reckoned with. You may not know it yet and that's cool for now because in time, you will."

Epiphany Mattel grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. Her parents raised her to be confident and speak her mind, that is, until she told them that she was a girl. Her mother, a devout Baptist, took the religious "God doesn't make mistakes" and "let's pray the demon out" path, sending Epiphany to priests, psychiatrists and other medical professionals to fix the problem. Her father's approach was more physical. He sought to beat the trans out of Epiphany and would tease, taunt and shame her. At one point, he even shaved her head.  

Most surprisingly, her father was a gay man who harbored a strong hate towards transgendered people. He viewed them as freaks, criminals and sexual deviants. "He would say to me, 'if you are gay, that's fine, I can help you with that, but why in hell do you wanna be one of those things?'"  

Once puberty hit, Epiphany left home and sought refuge in the hood where she learned about street code and survival. She became a dangerous beauty, a chameleon concerned with creating her own lane rather than trying to fit into a predetermined space someone else chose to place her in.  #FIXYOFACE is available on iTunes.


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